International Preschool Lilli & Lori is a non-profit organisation. All proceeds from school fees go into the running of the kindergarten, safety measures and equipment for the building and for garden maintenance.

The following fees, shown below, include all costs such as those for projects, field trips, arts activities, and wood working materials. 


monthly fees

8am to 12pm 3-4 hours 370,00 €
12pm to 4pm 3-4 hours 370,00 €
8am to 1pm 4-5 hours 525,00 €
8am to 2pm 5-6 hours 630,00 €
8am to 3pm 6-7 hours 735,00 €
8am to 4pm 7-8 hours 830,00 €
Half-year payment for catering   500,00 €

At time of signing the contract, a deposit of 1.000,00 € is due. This will be used toward payment of the first month fees.